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IN 1998 the family of Sigudla felt that it was now time to move to other places to serve the Master. A notice of three months was served with the Kgabalatsane Baptist Church respectively and at the same time the pastor was busy completing his house in Letlhabile.

The Restoration Baptist Church in Kgabalatsane were full of compassion concerning our departure and the place of stay after the three months since our house in Letlhabile was three quarter [75%] completed. Much money was needed to complete the remaining job of the house. The mighty hand of God was thus experienced in the following areas of our personal house and that became a confirmation that God had released us in Kgabalatsane after 12 years of service.

a) The Monkoe’s family bought us all the roof tiles.

b) The Indian hardware in Ga-Rankuwa gave us all the rafters that we needed with a very reasonable amount which was far lower than what we were quoted by Cash Build in Hebron.

c) Our neighbour Mrs. Malunga gave us her electricity for the preparation of the Rafters free of charge.

d) A teacher from Maboloka which is a next Village of the Sotho speaking nation went by our house as he was coming from school and stopped and requested literally to be part and parcel of what was happening in our house by offering to put window glasses in instalment of which we did allow him to do the work which is still standing even today after so many years.

e) The contractor asked us when do we want to move into our house and we said to him December the 16th 1998 and he said to us, we must never be worried about his money, we need just to concentrate on the buying of the material needed and he will do the work so that by the date mentioned we should be in the house and that exactly happened. On the 16th December 1998 we moved into a completed house which the 25% job was done in a month’s time.


They have been pastors of Sharon Baptist Church since 1999 to date being the 17th year without any break. They have raised 3 boys who are all working and the eldest is married and blessed with two kids a boy and a girl. The eldest Kenneth is residing in Bloemfontein where he schooled and now he works there.

Their second son is working in Germiston while their last to be born is working in Centurion. Dad and Mum are in Pampierstad. What a big space between them all and come December, they are all in Letlhabile their home a township of Brits in the North West.

The pastor came to Pampierstad in 1999 from Kgabalatsane Baptist Church by then today the Church name is Restoration Baptist Church. He served the restoration Baptist Church for twelve full years fresh from College. He planted three other churches around the North West around Brits in twelve years period of which in total they became four churches counting the Mother Church situated in Kgabalatsane. The second Church which was in Maboloka died a natural death when Members of this Church moved to Letlhabile residentially and the Letlhabile Baptist Church was established through the members that where from Maboloka Baptist Church.

This Letlhabile Baptist Church was started in the premises of the Pastor at 284 Block B respectively until the Church obtained its own site at Block BB and it was then when the entire Church moved to their site and started   to expand under the able leadership of Rev Tsheki Hendrick Monegi and  Dorothy Monegi.


f) The Restoration Baptist Church members became very much instrumental when we were moving from Kgabalatsane by loading our furniture and they came with us to Letlhabile to off load the furniture and help packing in the house. 
These all above actions proved to us that God wanted us to move on to our new location in another place without looking back asking ourselves questions about the unfinished house and to God be the glory.
In the interim of the serving of the three months’ notice with the Kgabalatsane Baptist Church, a Church in the Northern Cape Sharon Baptist Church became interested in the spiritual services of Pastor John Sigudla. The interest by this church led to the letter of invitation request the pastor] John Sigudla] to consider to be their pastor. After long procedures in the Baptist circle as far as the call of a pastor, Sigudla responded positively to the request of this church with only 16 members including children and young people. There where at least 7 people who were working and were faithful tithers and givers in this church. 
The challenge posed by the few working members was financial constringent. The second challenge with this church Sharon Baptist Church was worship place, they did not have anywhere that was their own to worship the living God, they used a double garage that belong to the Comagae’s family due to the salvation of Mrs. Malebogo Comagae the wife of the traffic officer the late Chris Comagae who has gone to be with the Lord since he accepted the Lord during his time of illness and before he departed from this world.

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